This cute puffy-faced cat found with swollen eyes and sad frown – after treatment looks incredibly different

Animal control found a wounded stray cat, and they took him to the local animal shelter. The cat’s face was squinted with swollen eyes and giving a big, sad frown. With the proper attention and care, this miserable cat made a remarkable recovery. The day Nutmeg was brought to the animal shelter, he had a gash on his neck and required immediate treatment.  Before the vet could do surgery on Nutmeg, he had to be treated for an infection and swelling. So, staff injected him with antibiotics. Two surgeries were needed to cure the wound on Nutmeg’s neck, and these were followed by multiple laser treatments. Staff noticed that Nutmeg was a mellow and gentle cat. He didn’t seem to fuss when being bathed or when the treatments were being applied. He is very brave indeed.

It didn’t take long for Nutmeg to get used to the vet’s routine too; he would get on the table and lie in position for treatment on his own. ”He is a really sweet boy considering all he has been through,” the rescue group shared. After a few months, Nutmeg was adopted, and he cuddled and purred for his new foster mom. “It was a very emotional day for all, as we will miss him.” At his new home, now Nutmeg has a brother, Frankie, whom he shares a huge bed with. Nutmeg’s foster mom told, “He has come a long way and is getting all the love and attention he deserves.”

“He was taken immediately Kenosha Animal Hospital where Dr. Carlisle was waiting to examine him,” the rescue group told.

Tests also revealed that Nutmeg was feline immunodeficiency virus positive (FIV+)

And Nutmeg was looking better and healthier as each day went by

“Nutmeg sat in his foster mom’s lap for a while purring and snuggling, as if to say ‘Thanks caretakers but I’m home now,’ then went directly to his new Mom where he stayed,” Kenosha Forgotten Friends said

Watch the video of this transformed cat in the video below:


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