This Aquarium Picks The Naughtiest Penguin Of The Month, And The ‘Crimes’ Are Too Funny

by Musfirah Khurram
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Those devious penguins are grinding away once more! As you likely definitely know, they are wild. From pushing each other from the wharf, taking each other’s supper, or simply being through and through repulsive, these water flying creatures were pitilessly disgraced for their deeds on the zoo’s Facebook page. Notwithstanding, as you can speculate, it didn’t help. These penguins are not anticipating fixing their evil ways at any point in the near future, and, to be completely forthright, we adore it! Since in addition to the fact that they are adorable, they are comical! So we couldn’t avoid however share a greater amount of the penguins’ wrongdoings and obviously, how about we praise their great deeds as well!



Dora was such a trooper at our normal checkups this month. She waddled straight over to the scales and, with a bit of assistance and simple by any means, sprung up to be gauged. On the off chance that solitary everyone was as consistent on gauge day as Dora!


Mr Mac takes the cake (or should we say fish) this month! Would you be able to accept he grabbed a fish appropriate out of his sweetheart Lulu’s mouth? Taking nourishment from a practically visually impaired penguin – how might you be able to Mr Mac!”


NAUGHTY – Martin 

Martin is new to our Penguin Cove (protected after a predator assault). While he was in our restoration focus he was somewhat of a grouch (naturally). He’s settled in well, anyway has turned into a touch of Casanova – he began to muscle in on Lulu (Mr Mac’s better half) and Draco (Timmy’s sweetheart). Timmy speedily place him in his place, Mr Mac is taking it all in his waddle. We are very brave young men at Penguin Cove so hush up about your flippers Martin!

GOOD – Dora 

Dora used to be a bit of princess, demanding a guided escort to the feeding station. She’s now making a real effort, sauntering her own way over. Preferring to dine alone, she waits until the other penguins are done so she gets her keeper’s full attention.”



NAUGHTY: Because Dave has been somewhat hand raised, he’s truly near people and as a major aspect of penguin relationship building they like to dress one another. We had one late man of honor who partook in a Penguin Encounter and had the benefit of Dave dressing him. Dave’s young and doesn’t know his own quality so a couple of hairs were pulled at on his legs – yet our visitor thought this was quite unique.

GOOD: Before shedding Burny had been investing a ton of energy in her tunnel. Presently with some stunning new plumes, she’s been dealing with them truly well!! She’s going through throughout the day in the water and attempting to dress and keep them in great condition. Decent work Burny.”



It’s a mother/daughter duo this month!

Good Penguin of the Month – Pepper

She’s been so good at encouraging her boyfriend Tux to go swimming. Tux can be a bit lazy! Good on you Pepper 

Naughty Penguin of the Month – Lulu

Our Lulu has been extra snappy over the last few weeks at feeding time. She obviously needs to learn some good habits off her daughter Pepper!


“Here we go everyone our Naughty and Good Penguins for the long stretch of December!

Naughty Penguin-Mo… for stowing away in the shrubs on gauging day

Good Penguin – Captain…. At long last supporting himself against Tux”


Good Penguin: ELMO

Elmo, our most established occupant, has been waddling out of her tunnel to eat. This is a phenomenal exertion as we ordinarily give her room administration. She’s feeling the loss of a flipper (in the wake of getting captured in angling line when in the wild), is fairly older at 19 years of age (a penguins life expectancy in the wild is around 10 years of age) and she has cataracts. We <3 you Elmo.

Naughty penguin: TUX

Tux has been a correct domineering jerk recently and has been pursuing different penguins around at the encouraging station. It’s rearing season, and as his tunnel is close to the encouraging station he’s asserted this zone as his domain also, talk about demeanor! Tux has intermittent tormenting propensities and has been in a tough situation before for pushing Timmy off the wharf. He’s an attractive man, yet that is no reason – we’ll have to watch out for him. “



Dave can’t make some kind of breakthrough and remain off the underhanded rundown! We take extraordinary pride in keeping Penguin Cove perfect and clean. Anyway for Dave this is a chance to cause devilishness, and as charming as he seems to be, it will in general make this activity precarious for our managers. We’re going to check whether we can get some video proof of him in real life so watch this space!

GOOD: Betty

Our Betty is probably the best penguin and is such a delight! She never gives the buzzing about of different penguins a chance to get to her. She approaches her day without putting a flipper wrong. Perhaps she’s beginning to be a decent impact on her sweetheart Mo – who hasn’t been on the mischievous rundown for quite a while!”



Mo has been a lay-about in the course of the most recent couple of weeks! Has rest ins, and doesn’t get up until nourishing time. Penguins ordinarily swim during light hours, normally getting up at dawn. Be that as it may, not our Mo – he will not ascend before 9.30am, at that point waddles crosswise over to get his nourishment and takes a stab at moving back to bed. Mo should be aware of his late conduct.

GOOD – Timmy

Timmy’s really carrying on at bolstering time! Truly, we were intrigued as well. He’s not being his typical pushy self and has even limited himself from flicking sand at the guardians! Essentially, he’s been granted great penguin this month since he hasn’t been wicked LOL! Pleasant one Timmy.”


“Here we go Penguin of the Month

Mischievous Penguin – Flip deserted her beau and their infant for a whole week!!!!!

Great Penguin – Mr Mac ate during an open experience ( typically big talkers them)”

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