These Super Realistic Custom-Made Pet Replica Masks Are A Sweet Spot Between Cute And Frightening

by Sabahat Waheed
1 minutes read

Undoubtedly, our pets are love for life to us. We do love them like they are our partner. They deserve this infinite love because they are our companion when we are there in dark loneliness. They make us happy with their incomparable companionship. They deserve special present by us also for all what they do for us.

A person obsessed with his pet will find some precious gifts for his pets on google. A pillow featuring none other than your furry friend, a picture replica of your pet’s paw, a custom stuffed animal, a customized Christmas ornament, or a craftily-made necklace that you can keep close to your heart (complete with your pet’s name, and a paw print, of course).

List of such gifts is infinite. Today you will be able to get one such list of unique collection of presents for your pet.

Japanese Shindo Rinka found a solution to return love that we get from our pets. For only 300,000 JPY ($2,781.60 USD) one can get custom mask which resembles his pet. Those realistic masks are really realistic which will make you remember of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, a retelling in which the granny, for reasons unbeknownst to us, is the one to put on a mask and pass herself as a wolf.

A feline subject of the first mask – Rui, a Bengal cat from Kyoto, Japan

Creation of a mask in honor of one precious pooch

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