These Cats Have A Huge Collection Of Hats Made Out Of Their Shed Fur

by Sabahat Waheed
1 minutes read

Cats have infinite cuteness. We all agree with this statement. Obviously, we can not resist their innocence, curiosity and cleverness. They surely know how to be an apple of one’s eye. Their reactions when we put some clothes on them is just more than cuteness and innocence.

Ryo Yamazaki and his wife Hiromi got a superb idea of creating beautiful comfy clothing for cats from their hair. Cats like tabby Nyaa, the white fluff Mar, the ginger youngster Mugi were aware of their owner’s idea. Whenever they used to shed their fur. Ryo and Hiromi created adorable hats for these cats. Bored panda has their collection of hats. Just have a look and amaze yourself by the creativity of couple.

Instagram page is there which couple has dedicated to their innocent furry friends with amazing hats.

#1 Grey Arrogance

#2 Scared Goldie

#3 Stylish Model

#4 Innocent kitten

#5 Bold partner

#6 Hair stylist

#7 Cool Braided Princess

#8 Bear Headed Cat

#9 Policeman

#10 Bunny head

#11 White Duckling

#12 King

#13 Thorny head

#14 Sunflower face

#15 Armour around head

#16 Blushing cheeks

#17 Relax mode On!

#18 Let’s play hide and seek

#19 Astonished young man

#20 Outside is a place to live

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