Shelter Kitten With Just Hours To Live Says ‘Thank You’ To His Rescuer In The Sweetest Way

This beautiful kitten Henry,  was rescued from the pound with hours left to live on death row. A rescuer saved him and the kitty is extremely thankful to her. He was so grateful to be saved that he couldn’t stop thanking his rescuer with love and kisses after he was pulled out of the pound. When he was removed from the shelter, he only had hours left to live. The kind people at Cat Rescue Newcastle did not want to see his life end like this. Instead of allowing him to be scheduled to be euthanized, they decided to foster him.

Adelle is the volunteer who is taking him in. Of course, Harry is very happy for the assistance. He is one grateful cat and he knows how lucky he is. It is stories like these that make us  surprised by it’s happy ending. Cats like Harry do not always have the chance to enjoy life. They are often sent to high kill shelters before they even live a normal life.

Thanks to the kind lady Adelle, Harry was given the chance to go on a freedom ride before his death row. While Harry’s initial life was dull and drab,  Adelle has been helping him find a whole new lease on life. At first it was assumed that she was just keeping him until he was ready to pass on. But the gentle woman provided him her own home to live the comfortable life.

She was ready to give him the help he needed in this crucial moment. The best part of this video is when Henry offers his rescuer a sincere “thank you”. We cannot get enough of this cat’s connection with Adelle. This cat has been given a second chance at life and we are beyond happy to see it. He deserves all of the best things in life. Henry’s way to thank his rescuer melts our hearts. He immediately climbed on top of the carrier and went straight up to his rescuer to give her headbumps and kisses. This is one of the cutest freedom rides that indicates his happiness and comfort.

Watch the beautiful moments of thankfulness in the video below!

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