Rescue team recorded the reunion of mother leopard and lost cub found by friendly humans

Humanity is facing a wildlife crisis. Animals around the world are threatened by habitat destruction, and a rising demand for wildlife products has led to massive poaching and trafficking. Some animals may accidentally entered the areas occupied by humans and find themselves faced with the threat of being hunted down. Human beings clear out vast spaces of land in the name of development every day and the effects of this encroachment are generally ignored. Animals who call the wildlife their home are forced to retreat into smaller parts of land. This little leopard cub was lucky that some friendly humans found it when it lost its way and returned it back.

A group of sugarcane farmers was just done with their work of harvesting in the fields in Maharashtra, India, when they found a small bundle of fur lying on the ground. When they got closer, they found out that the furry lump was actually a leopard cub. The cub was just 2 months old and in good health condition.  They decided to reunite the baby with its mother as soon as possible. It’s natural that a mother leopard gets more agitated the longer she is separated from her cub. Their plan was successful, the mother met it’sbaby. There is a relief this mother felt when she found her lost cub. They captured those rare moments of reunion in a video.

The village farmers were shocked and contacted a wildlife forest officer to inform about their discovery of a leopard cub.

Soon, a rescue team from Wildlife SOS reached and they headed for the fields.

They placed the cub in a container and then placed it close to where the cub was found, so that the mother would find her little one there. The team also set up cameras to record the union of mother and baby. 

A senior Wildlife SOS veterinarian observed, “At around 9:30 p.m., a leopardess finally emerged from the neighboring forest.” She approached the container with caution and got close to it to see.

When she was sure that it was her cub that was placed there, she gently picked it up by the neck and walked away. 

Watch the captured moments in this video for yourself below: 



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