People Pass Street Performer By All Day, Then A Group Of Furry Little Friends Arrives

Music affects deep emotional centers in the brain.  single sound tone is not really pleasurable in itself; but if these sounds are organized over time in some sort of arrangement, it’s amazingly powerful. It inspires every living creature on earth. It is observed that  cats, in fact, do enjoy music, they prefer to listen to the music composed in their frequency range and tempo rather than human music.  But no matter how well composers perfect their dog, cat and monkey songs, the animals will probably never appreciate their species-specific music quite as much as humans appreciate ours. Here cats are enjoying the street music.


A street singer in Malaysia was recently surprised with the most adorable audience a busker could hope for. While his song filled the busy streets with music, four small kittens came closer to hear his soothing voice. As human after human passed by, the kittens remained under the spell.

A street performer or busker is a person who performs an art in public places for donations of money. Busking, or performing in public areas for gratuities or tips, is a tradition dating back to antiquity. Buskers perform in a wide variety of artistic areas: they can be musicians, dancers, mimers, acrobats, poets, fire eaters, clowns, magicians, puppeteers, jugglers, storytellers etc. They aim to attract and interact with the audience It’s not easy to pour your heart and soul into something day after day, only to come home with a pocketful of reward. You really have to love what you do.


Watch this incredible performance below. You may be meowing for more, too!