One Frrezing winter day, a cat is found frozen on a porch, man isn’t hopeful but later sees sign of life

One winter’s day in February 2015, a seventh-grade science teacher noticed something peculiar outside his house. The ginger tabby couldn’t move and appeared lifeless until the teacher noticed one of her paws make a slight movement.  Though the cat was still alive, he wasn’t sure if she was able to survive. In an attempt to save the cat’s life, the man gave her a warm bath. As the cat cuddled in a blanket, she let out a “meow,” one after another. “You’re getting there, buddy,” the man said. The man then brought Elsa to the vet. “Feeling better?” the man asked Elsa at the end.

The video of an almost frozen Elsa rescued from the brink of death has garnered more than 3 million views since it was published on March 3, 2015. “I felt so bad when she was FREEZING! Then when she started moving I had tears of joy in my eyes and my brother thought I was crazy,” one YouTube user, Unicorn Creepers YT, wrote. Whitney Girl added, “I have never cried so much over a YouTube video.”

Hats off to this teacher for being Elsa’s guardian angel!

One blunt winter day, a cat was found frozen to death on the ground outside a stranger’s house. The ginger feline met her guardian angel, who took her in.

He found this frozen cat sprawled out across his porch, halfway under a railing

The kindhearted teacher took the feline inside his house

While warm water ran down the cat’s cold body, it soothed the poor cat. The man was heard saying in the video: “Yeah, yeah! Come on, come on, buddy!”

After the warm bath, the man began was hopeful as the pink-nosed cat started showing signs of life

“Almost there. You’re getting warmer”

The man gave the cat a teacup of water, and after about six hours of rest, she finally came around

The cat was recovered and began walking around again

She was appropriately named Elsa, after Disney’s ice queen in the movie Frozen

Wow! she was in good health

“Elsa, I love you,” he said

“I had tears watching this… I don’t know what to say except thank you,” Melanie Kirk commented

“The temperature was below freezing for weeks and had wind chills below 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C),” wrote the man, alongside the video titled “Saving Elsa, the Frozen cat/kitten” uploaded to YouTube channel familytime.

Watch the video:


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