Octopus Attacks Woman That Tried To Eat It Alive

There are few creatures in the ocean that capture our imaginations quite like the octopus. These are the living embodiment of the ocean’s mystery and have been a source of wonder and fascination for centuries. We now know that octopuses can solve problems, remember solutions, navigate complex mazes, and take things apart just for fun. They’re also masters of disguise. There’s also evidence that octopuses have personalities and will react to different stimuli based on how shy, active, or emotional they are. An octopus recently found itself in a fight for its life.

A Chinese vlogger known as ‘seaside girl Little Seven’ lives in the city of Lianyungang and loves seafood, according to her Kuaishou account. She regularly posts on the Chinese video platform Kuaishou, earning her backlash on the Chinese site, Weibo. She planned to livestream a video of herself eating a live octopus.The animal, however, had different plans, and soon after her camera started rolling, it used its sticky tentacles to attach to her face and wouldn’t let go. The struggle lasted for nearly a minute as the woman worked desperately to peel the creature from her face. Once she was able to, she saw herself on screen  and noticed the octopus had punctured her skin.

The vlogger ended the clip by saying, “I’ll eat it in the next video,” seemingly undeterred by her experience.  The video of the encounter uploaded to Twitter has been viewed more than 926,000 times, with people expressing their horror over the incident. The video gone viral worldwide.

The octopus apparently tried to defend itself by sticking to her face with its suckers.

The vlogger can be heard calling the animal’s suction “painful” as she tries to remove it.

When she is finally able to pry the octopus from her face, the vlogger realises it has left a bloody cut on her cheek.

“My face is disfigured,” she reportedly says as she stares into the camera,

“Why [have] none of my clips ended up on the trending topics chart?” she reportedly said in a previous clip.

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