Man Brings Senior Homeless Dog To The Pet Store And Buys Him Everything He Touches

Taking care of a disabled pet can bring great joy to your life. However, caring for a disabled pet can add extra levels of attention. Meet King a 12-year-old dog which had spent most of it living on the streets. After being struck by a car, King lost one of his front legs. He was given the surgery he needed, and then a rescue group called Marley’s Mutts  helped to find the senior dog a forever home.

King was not only a senior dog, but one that was missing a leg. It was quite a difficult task for them to find some suitable person who will be willing to adopt this disable dog. Months passed, but no one came forward to adopt it. Luckily, Rocky Kanaka, TV host of the show Dog’s Day Out, heard King’s story and decided to spend a day with King and made it’s day really special.

On Rocky’s show, shelter dogs are taken out of the shelter for the day and showered with gifts and affection. Rocky loves treating these special animals, and fans of his show are inspired by these kind acts. The animals Rocky features on his shows are given a huge audience, and that often leads to a happy ending for the shelter animals, mostly are adopted. Rocky decided that King deserved a shopping spree — a huge shopping spree.

Whatever King touched would become his. In fact, the only item Rocky told the cameras was off-limits was a hamster.  King had a fantastic time. The first thing he touched was a giant bag of dog food so he got it. Once the chow was picked out, Rocky took him into the pet store’s toy section, for more fun and entertainment for the poor animal.

King sniffed a Nerf gun, a toy rope, a dinosaur, a rawhide bone, and a giant ball, his tail wagging happily as he did. He also picked out a cat tree, which left Rocky surprised. This day brought more happiness in the dog’s life ahead.  King’s shopping spree went public, someone contacted Rocky about adopting King. His life had been full of difficulties, but now he’d be  blessed with a forever home. He’d be loved, and kept safe and sound. To celebrate, Rocky took King on another shopping spree. That’s very generous!

Check out this second shopping spree in the clip below, and see King meet his new mom!

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