Loyal Dog Spends Week Outside Hospital Unaware That Owner Is Dead

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Animals do on the loss of their beloved owners, they are emotional creatures who can express their emotions.  If an animal’s human companion suddenly disappears, it can lead to depression. Dogs and cats form emotional bonds with their people, and if a caregiver suddenly disappears from their life, they notice the absence.

You may see the dog or cat searching for their owner, waiting by the door, at the foot of the bed or by a favorite chair. They even may go in search of their lost owner, we should watch them closely so they don’t wander away and get lost in their grief.

Here is a heart touching story to share with you.  An adorable Labrador named, Toto has been noticed lying outside a hospital in Argentina, who is patiently waiting for his owner to return.
Sadly, he is unaware that his owner has died. The six-year-old lab is vigilant outside the hospital for a week, in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy. According to media Toto’s owner had asked for the dog to be brought to the hospital so he could say goodbye to his beloved pet. But the pet didn’t know it’s the last meeting.

Sadly, the owner had passed away in hospital and none of his relatives took the dog with them when they left.  We are unaware of the cause of the death of dog’s owner. He remains lying at the hospital door anxious to meet his owner once again. Fatima Rodriguez, who works at a local animal protection organisation, told they are trying to find a new home for Toto, but has told that anyone who wants to adopt the little dog should keep the pet in house as the dog can attempt to escape and try to make his way back to the hospital to see his owner.  

A vet has come to see the dog and told that poor Toto will need surgery on his paw, the vet has also suggested that the dog has to be cared properly.

Toto proves to be a very friendly and welcomes his visitors to the hospital, allows people to stroke him and make a fuss. One local resident, who is helping to look after Toto, said: “He seems to believe his owner is going to come out someday to take him home.” We wish some kind person come forward and rescue the poor dog and provide him a forever home.

There is another sad story of dog who was abandoned by his owner and she is now in hope of finding a lovely family.  On Monday, Humane Society of Midland County in Michigan shared a heart-breaking story of a cute pit-bull mix named Blue.  She was brought there after being separated from her family.. A quick scan revealed the dog had a microchip and Blue’s owners were found about 1,400 miles away in Florida.

A kind-hearted woman decided that she would drive Blue and reunite her with her owner. When the woman and Blue arrived, the family refused to keep the pet.  

“We are sad to announce that Blue did not make it home,” the society explained in the post. “Through no fault of anyone Blue is now headed back to Michigan where we will find her forever home.”

“We want to thank her transporters for their dedication to Blue, as well as everyone else who has helped along the way. No one could have predicted this unfortunate turn of eventsbut we can now only focus on what is most important which is finding Blue a forever home.” They further announced, “If interested in adopting Blue we are accepting applications. She is a young dog with a lot of energy and will need an active family willing to train her.

She is housebroken and very sweet.” We are hopeful that Blue will surely find a family who will love her unconditionally. 

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