Lifeless Kitten Found In The Pouring Rain On The Side Of The Road

On a rainy day, a kind hearted woman noticed some living thing on the side of the road while driving towards home.  A tiny ball of fur that was almost run over. She slowed down to observe and came closer to know it was a lifeless kitten. She was worried the kitten was dead. When she approached the kitten’s mouth was open, and she looked like she was about to take her last breath. Luckily escaping death, the kitten was rescued and brought to emergency vet after the woman contacted Lady Luck Animal Rescue for help. This kitten got a new life when there was little chances of her survival.

She was named by the rescue, Rayne. After examining the tiny kitten, the vet found she was suffering from hypothermic and anemic along with intestinal parasites. She received medical treatment and recovered soon. She gets a loving life in her new home as she plays with other kittens. The once lifeless kitten is now playful and full of life. She is living a contented and life full of comforts.

It is National Feed A Rescue Pet Week. Last year we beat our goal of feeding 3 million rescue pets. This year our goal is to provide 5 million meals to rescue pets. “Rescue Bank has allowed us to free up money in more severe medical cases since we don’t have to spend as much on high-quality food. This saves the rescue a lot of funding, and we can save more animals.” Lady Luck Animal Rescue can shift funds to provide medical care to injured and sick animals like Rayne.

Rescue Bank is a signature program of, an international non-profit that benefits People, Pets, and the Planet. Rescue Bank provides grants to the animal rescue community in the form of donated pet food, delivered through our network of regional affiliates. Pet food grants allow rescue organizations to transfer part of their food budget to much-needed services such as spay/neuter, vet services, facility maintenance or improvement, adoption events, etc. Rescue Bank has donated over 275 million meals to animals in need. The money a rescue or shelter saves on buying food can then be used for vet care, vaccinations, adoptions and much more. Help feed animals in need by donating to Rescue Bank.


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