I Photograph Ladies With Their Cats To Debunk The Crazy Cat Lady Stereotype, And Here Are My Favorite Photos (16 Pics)

by Sabahat Waheed
3 minutes read

In 2015, I have started a page “Girls and their cats”. Aim of this was to break stereotype of Crazy cat lady. furthermore, to change the negative vibes with cats into positivism.

More than 300 cat ladies I have captured up till now.

Book is going to be published in August 2019. One can have a look of those cats with their owner ladies.

Aisha Awadallah, Alex, Xena, and Tigger

Three cats of mine are mirror images of myself. Each of them is a depiction of my three phases of life.

Hannah Shaw, Coco and Eloise

I got inspiration to rescue cats and kittens from coco. I have shifted my all focus on rescue of neonatal kitten and trap Neuter return kittens. Coco’s upbringing made me realize about the necessity of getting kitten care education.

Shy and timid girl like Eloise made my experience with cats the best one. It is because of her shy nature. She does not open herself for new experiences that is why our bond is stronger.

Sara Anderson and Loki

An amazing partner like Loki is very rare. He is loving. He wants cuddles and talk shalk all the time. His favorite thing is to sleep at our bellies. He eats chicken and scrambled eggs.

Monica Choy, Linus and Zorro

After the Zen Peanuts character, cat was named as Linus. He is so graceful and elegant that I sometime think of him as a model.

Zorro is bit an introvert type cat. He chooses very less people to be his friends but once he chooses a person as his friend he remains loyal with him.

Jamilah King and Smarty

The most interactive and communicative cat i have ever known is Smarty. Although he purrs at my face at five in the morning but i know about his needs.

Alexandra Lyles-King, Lois and Maxine

I wake up with cat bikini every morning. I think they are the best.

Lauren Leavell and Doo Doo

I have never been depressed since I have met Doo Doo. He has sought of emotional sensor in him.

Éva Goicochea, Bea and Winnie

Bea and Winnie are complementary to one another. They are ying yang to one another. Bea is shy and timid. Winnie is happy and extrovert. They both complete each other.

JiaJia Fei and Coco

Black and white fur of my cat gets matched with my wardrobe and room color. She lives there in my bedroom for about 90% of a day.

Bethany Watson, Loki, and Minerva

The sweetest kittens of the world i have. We are blessed to have each other.

Sam Ushiro and Sabbath

I think the only cat I can love in this world is Sabbath. I did not consider cats before I met her and I will not consider other cats as well.

I mostly tell people that she is has her own chair in living room where she sits like a queen, a throne on her head.

Anka Lavriv and Petey on the cover of ‘Girls and Their Cats’

The light of my life is Petey, my cat. His bossy and courageous nature is lovely.

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