Girlfriend Was Worried To Leave Her Cat With Her Boyfriend, But The Guy Made Him The Tiniest Pancakes Ever

We are sharing a heart warming story of a guy who showed his love and adoration for his girl friend’s cat by making little pancakes. When Kenzie Jones had to go out of town for some business affair, she asked her boyfriend to take care of their adopted cat, Mr. Wilson. She was worried about the cat’s care and feed about which she couldn’t trust anyone. She is unsure if her lover Chase Stout, would feed the kitty properly. However, what happened was unbelievable. While Stout was making pancakes for himself, he decided to make a small parts for the cat also. That’s a very different idea. Its seemed adorable thing to see the tiny little pancakes. This is an act of love and care. “I made them just like I did mine, just with smaller dips of batter,” said Stout. “Obviously I had a stack of three so my man Wilson had to have a stack of three as well.” Stout asked Jones, if the cat likes chocolate or not: “I wanted to send the question about chocolate chips just so she would get it and be like, ‘Wait what?! He’s making him pancakes?” Wow!

Kenzie Jones went out of town, gave the responsibility to her boyfriend to take care of their cat Mr. Wilson.

Stout surprised her by making the loveliest meal ever.

“I made them just like I did mine, just with smaller dips of batter.”

Ladies went crazy over this story…

And it’s sure Jones feel proud of her boyfriend…

Stout sent a text to his girlfriend, asking about cat’s love for chocolate.

Just to make it clear here, the guy is well aware you can’t give chocolate to animals.

Mr. Wilson adjusted into his new home. He even made a new friend, Huey.

They are enjoying each other’s company a lot.

Mr. Wilson and the kitten-pancake are famous!