Friendly Beluga Returns Phone Woman Accidentally Dropped Into Ocean

Belugas are very social animals, and it’s possible to see pods numbering in the hundreds during a trip to Churchill, Canada. Also known as “sea canaries,” belugas are one of the most the most vocal of all whales.  It lives in coastal waters of Arctic Ocean and in the subarctic regions. Beluga whales’ dives may last up to 25 minutes and can reach depths of 800 meters. Threats to beluga whales include climate change, hunting, oil and gas development, and industrial and urban pollution. Polar bears and killer whales are known predators of belugas throughout their Arctic range.

Recently Norwegian fishermen came across a whale that really surprised them and made headlines all over the world. When a friendly whale approached the fishermen’s boat, they noticed something odd about it. The beluga’s odd behavior has certainly made it an international superstar. Seeming to completely adore all the attention it’s getting, the Hammerfest celebrity is allowing residents to pet, feed, and take selfies with it.

The surprisingly tame whale was wearing a harness that read “Equipment of St. Petersburg,” indicating that it was likely trained by the Russian navy to be used for special operations, according to news sources. It is a speculation that the whale was a Russian spy.

This beluga whale is not only friendly, it is quite well mannered too. A couple of days ago, Isa Opdahl was out on the water in the boat when she had a mishap.

The young woman put her phone in her pocket but it slipped and went overboard, plunging into the ocean. When she thought that her phone was gone forever, she noticed the same notorious beluga whale carrying her phone in its mouth.

Isa was then able to easily retrieve the phone from the whale’s mouth, amazed that the animal carried out such a kind deed. One of her friends captured everything on camera. The beluga whale quickly became a viral sensation on social media with many people left in awe of its intelligence.

A video of an adorable beluga whale has been circulating on social media after it was uploaded to Instagram earlier this week.

Watch the video below!

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