Foster Cats Are So Attached They Intertwine Each Other’s Paws

Feral cats live short and hard lives on the streets. They never die of old age. Contagious diseases are common in cats left outdoors. Stray cats do not possess a home because they had escaped from their original place of living or because they had been abandoned. Raised without human contact, they quickly revert to a wild state and form colonies wherever food and shelter are available. They are less appealing. These cats tend to face a lot of difficulty when it comes to being adopted.  Most adopters want to take home a cute kitten, rather than an older cat that has gone through hard times. The adoption process becomes even more challenging when cats have bonded with one another.

Meet these strongly bonded cats Rosa and Lily. They are living together in a Florida foster home currently. Anyone who is looking to take home will have to take the other, as well. These two are a package deal! They will not let go of each other, even holding each other’s paws.

Rosa is the black cat and Lily is the Siamese. These two were destined to be good friends from the very beginning. Rosa’s foster mother Andrea says that the cat was underweight and sad when she first arrived at the foster home. She works with the good folks at St. Francis Society Animal Rescue to make sure that cats like these have comfortable homes.

Rosa came first and after a few days Andrea got the call about Lily. She was in a bad condition when Andrea first met her.  She was so fragile that she looked like a skeleton.

The cats need help and extreme care that’s why they were attached with one another so easily. Lily was regaining her strength and Rosa was helping her friend.

Their bond cannot be broken easily. It became obvious to Andrea that they would need to stay together in their forever home. They are inseparable.

If one of the cats goes to lay down, the other one comes to follow. The same goes for either cat when they are looking to explore their new foster home. They never left each other’s side for a moment. They are now ready for adoption and deserve a decent home.


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