Feral Senior Cat Becomes A Total Mama’s Boy After Being Rescued

A senior tabby cat who had spent most of his life living on the streets, found love and trust after a woman saved him from the bad life. Lindsay Raturi, a wonderful woman that has changed his life. She came across this scraggly tomcat a little over a year ago. One day, the tomcat suddenly fell ill and was fading, Lindsay and his colony caretaker knew that they had to rescue him immediately. She wanted to give Mr. B a better life, so she and the rescuers set up traps to catch him, but it is very difficult task as he is a feral outdoor cat.

One day, Raturi was surprised to find Mr. B inside the trap. She brought Mr. B to the vet to get him neutered and treated for his severe mange and ear infection. and she did everything to make him healthy again. After that, Raturi started looking for his forever home. Luckily, a cat lover named Jenna Decristofaro came forward to adopt this tomcat and provided him a happy home. This sweet tomcat has finally got his forever home. He deserved to live the best life and we are happy for him.

“I cried when I saw him,” Decristofaro said. “We brought him up to my apartment and let him roam around. Just thinking about the moment, I get teary, because it was so special.” “I wanted him to live a good, long, happy life,” Decristofaro said. “And I wanted to be a part of that.”

Watch out the video below!

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