Everyone Ignored This Seemingly Bloodied Cat But One Caring Man Decided To Save It

A very sad story of a cat that was spotted lying on the concrete with blood spattered all over. from the way the blood was scattered it looked like the cat was hit by a car. Everyone passed the helpless cat except a man who later shared his story to Reddit and later youtube which made the video go viral and have over 380 thousand views.

After getting close to the cat honeyflower who was the man that was going to rescue the cat noticed the cat lift up its face.

It was a sign of relief since people realized that the cut had not died as it was previously thought. Mysteriously the cat the walked up and walked away as if nothing had occurred this left people and honeyflower shocked. The cat was just enjoying a nap at the warm concrete which happened to be just on the spot where some spill of red paint hard occurred.

Everyone left the scene just laughing at how did they did not realize that it was just a spill paint.


What a strange and intriguing story. Kudos to the brave man for not being scared off by what seemed like a grizzly image.