Charlotte Man Saves Pregnant Dog From Euthanization, Delivers Puppies

The animal shelters has been reducing the number of animals they euthanize each year, and they are trying their best to find homes for their strays, even placing animals at shelters in other states when the kennels are full. A Charlotte dog on death row gave her owner a big surprise when she turned up at his home very pregnant. She was living at an animal shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina.The female dog named “Emma” was counting her days when this good Samaritan stepped in to save Emma from her tragic fate. All he knew was that she was a sweet dog in need of help. Nicholas also viewed this dog’s presence as a sign. He had lost the last dog he had rescued back in 2016. ““I’m interested in fostering and possibly adopting this sweet girl,” read Nick’s letter to the organization”.

Jesse’s Place was quickly able to arrange for Emma to be picked up at the shelter and brought to Nicholas, but nobody knows Emma was pregnant. And it was clear she was going to give birth any day. They decided to allow the birth to take place at his house. This was less risky than taking her all the way back to the shelter. Luckily, Nicholas had experience birthing farm animals, so rather than returning Emma to the shelter for the birth, Nick would deliver Emma’s pups himself. So, with the help of his friend, Sheena, Emma delivered her 6 healthy puppies. Emma now had two boys and four girls to look after.

We are proud to tell that she and her babies are doing quite well. In the meantime, Nicholas is going to be responsible for Emma’s care. It did not take long for him to develop a close bond with his new friend. He says that he loves her unconditionally and that’s how the dog is living a happy life with her little pups. This is a sweet story though started from a tragic note, ends well.

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