Cat is Blind Due to Neglect, Her Life Turned Around by Love

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A special needs cat are very special animals indeed, suffer from a disease or physical disability that requires continuing care and attention above and beyond that of a normal cat. Cats with issues that lead to incontinence, missing limbs and blindness are those that most commonly found in special needs cats.  Cats that have a terminal illness, have emotional disabilities that give rise to behavioral issues, have prescription lifetime dietary needs or are older and have age-related medical issues. If we help them, they can still lead a wonderful, fun-filled life. Cats with physical limitations and special needs are adopted less than other cats. Whatever their situation, we believe all cats deserve a good home, and cats with special needs deserve owners who can dedicate themselves to giving their cats plenty of love and support. When you adopt a cat with a physical limitation or a medical issue, you’re helping the cat live a full life. People who adopt special needs cats know they’re doing the right thing and is a fulfilling, unique experience.

Meet this beautiful Persian cat named Moet was left blind due to the neglect and abuse from a pet shop.
Moet was living in a dirty cage with not enough food and water, and deprived of a bed to sleep on. What a misery! During those hard days, she suffered from cat flu. She wasn’t given any attention and treatment.  Time went on and she had to live in that disgusting cage. She deserved a home with a family that loved her. It wasn’t possible until an animal rescue crew picked her up and decided to give her comforts of life. These rescuers tried their best to cure her of all the infections and diseases that she had from the pet shop. Unfortunately, due to a bad infection in her eye, they had to remove both of Moet’s eyes. He lost her eyes and living with blindness. That doesn’t stop her from living the best life she has. She was provided with plenty of food, water and a soft bed to sleep in. Moet started to feel better and her appetite slowly returned. Moet is now a very happy cat and leaving her bad experience behind her.
Thanks to the kind hearted people who come forward to rescue the poor souls and change their life.

This beautiful Persian cat named Moet was left blind thanks to the neglect and abuse from a pet shop

She was so miserable, sick, and tired… that she wanted to lay down and never wake up.

Moet was freed by a group of animal rescuers and they gave her something she’d never had – love.

After a trip to the vet, Moet had surgery to remove her infected eyes. No more pain!

She got stronger each day, her appetite had fully returned, and she showed her rescuers what a loving and happy kitty she was.

Even without her eyes, Moet knows what to do when she encounters a box.

Moet is now a very happy cat and putting her terrible childhood behind her.

She feels love every single day and Moet is grateful to be part of a family.

She has a fury brother and sister now as well, who are also rescues.

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