Cat Found With Broken Jaw And Crushed Bones Due To Blunt Force Trauma

Animal abuse is heart-breaking and all too common. It is a tragic reality that many dogs and cats around the world are suffering from cruelty and abuse. Companion animals depend upon humans to ensure their well-being, but whether through malice or ignorance, dogs and cats can often suffer the result of human actions.Without education or understanding of animal needs, owners can directly or indirectly be the cause of a number of problems. Here is a sad story of an innocent cat who was badly tortured by some cruel person.

The cat was in desperate need of medical care. Humane Society of Bay County stepped up to save life of this poor soul. The Humane Society of Bay County is a volunteer organization. The organization has acted as the animal advocate in our community.  Your support continues to be our inspiration as we look forward to a future of improved welfare for all animals. Charger had a broken jaw and crushed bones in his face—specifically around his nose and his left eye socket. After examining Charger’s injuries, it seemed that he had experienced some blunt force trauma to his head, likely purposely inflicted. His condition was miserable.

Charger is starting to heal and recover after various surgeries. He still needs more surgeries to repair the wound of his face.  Even though Charger has badly hurt by a human, he is a friendly cat that loves attention. Charger is now quite the charmer and has been adopted. In the National Feed A Rescue Pet Week, last year we completed the target of feeding 3 million rescue pets. This year our target is to feed 5 million rescue pets. For this reason we have to contact the Rescue Bank. It is a program of the non-profit, supports animal welfare groups by providing grants of donated pet food. We got enough fund. The Humane Society of Bay County can shift funds to provide medical care to injured and sick animals like Charger. “Rescue Bank has allowed our organization to focus more of our budget on medical costs rather than food costs. This has made it possible for us to rescue more animals from local kill shelters.”

As we know that Rescue Bank is a signature program of, an international non-profit that benefits People, Pets, and the Planet. Rescue Bank has donated over 275 million meals to animals in need. It is the world’s largest pet food distribution network. Rescue Bank provides grants to the animal rescue community in the form of donated pet food, delivered through our network of regional affiliates. Pet food grants allow rescue organizations to transfer part of their food budget to much-needed services such as spay/neuter, vet services, facility maintenance or improvement, adoption events, etc. Rescue Bank steps up to help by sending donated food to rescues in need. The money a rescue or shelter saves on buying food can then be used for vet care, vaccinations, adoptions and much more.

Charger deserves the best life and will now get love for the first time. Help feed animals in need by donating to Rescue Bank. Just $10 ships 400 meals – donate now! For every $1 donated, you save a rescue $17 to help an animal in need. This is a kind act to save the lives and feed the hungry creatures.

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