Cat Dad Builds “An Epic Outdoor Construction” For Cats So They Can Always Be Safe

Cat owners usually keep their pets indoors for the protection of wildlife. And animal welfare agencies have echoed this sentiment, pointing out that indoor cats also live substantially longer than outdoor ones because they’re not exposed to traffic, disease and other animals. Some people believe the outside world is far too dangerous for these innocent souls while others believe that cats belong outdoors because it is their natural habitat.

Some owners kept their cats indoors, others allowed them to come and go as they please or even roam outside full-time.  It’s your responsibility to  protect your furry friends and make their lives more comfortable. The story, we are sharing today can prove that pet parents would do anything for his beloved pets to provide a safe and joyful life.

Meet these three adorable indoor cats, 16-year-old Luna and two four-year-old cats named Daisy and Marvel. They are enjoying every luxury of life, living at their house in Ontario, Canada. Though they are indoor cats, they are always  crazy about outside world. But their parents couldn’t take a risk of letting them outside world due to it’s dangers. They didn’t want them entangled in some problem.

So, the owner decided to make a safety for his loved pets. Alex built a treehouse in order to keep them safe and let them enjoy the outdoor environment. In an interview with Unilad, Alex’s daughter, Hadley said, “My dad fully built it by himself and the short answer as to why is for safety. Both for the safety of our cats and for the safety of the small bird population. We live in the downtown portion of our city so our road is getting busier every year and there are lots of creatures like foxes and coyotes that could harm them.”

When Hadley shared her dad’s cat masterpiece on social media, it goes viral and takes the Internet by storm because of the family’s devotion to their cats. The cats are so happy and can be safe when playing outside. Alex is thinking of expanding the tree house to give the pets more space to move and explore.

Hadley told Unilad: “When we first let them into the complete cation, Daisy was pretty nervous but was quick to feel comfortable and now she loves it. They all do, especially Daisy and Marvel. Both of them are in it at least once a day. We love it too! We think it’s perfect. They’re a part of our family and you always want your family to be safe. The catio ensures that they are safe! It’s also quite amusing to watch them in it.”

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