Cat Clings To Stuffed Animal In Shelter, After Owner Passes Away

Soft stuffed animals are good for several purposes. For some cats, the stuffed animal should be small enough to carry around. For cats that want to fight with the toy, the stuffed animal should be about the same size as the cat. Toys with legs and a tail seem to be even more attractive to cats. This cat knows what he wants, and he will get it. It’s natural for cats to carry objects around in their mouths. Mother cats transport their kittens by holding them by the scruff of their necks.

Hoonie who was 16-year-old-cat, was brought to Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland. He had only his ragged stuffed cat to comfort him when his beloved owner passed away. He was clinging to his stuffed friend. He would not let the stuffed animal out of his sight. The shelter learned that the toy was given to Hoonie by his owner years ago. He had kept it as a token of love. Sadly, it was all he had left. The daughter of the previous owner could not keep the cat, because she was allergic. She wanted to find him a good home, so she reached out to Alley Cat Rescue. The rescue warmly welcomed Hoonie.

The staff members noticed that the stuffed animal was only thing he loved most. He is getting special attention by one staff member as an office cat. “He is in one of my co-workers’ office to help him get adjusted to everything. Our headquarters is free-roaming for the cats but we decided that it would be best for Hoonie to have a space of his own,” Alley Cat Rescue told.

They have never experienced to see a cat so attached to a stuffed animal. It is a source of comfort and love for the senior cat. He can be heard meowing loudly from a distance. Once a person enters the room he quiets down. He likes to be friend with people, and is needed to lay in your lap to relax.

Now Hoonie loves to cuddle with his stuffed friend, while he waits for his forever home. There are various applications submitted for Hoonie, so he should be in his forever home soon. We are hopeful he would find a lovely home to live his rest of life. He deserves to be loved unconditionally. We need your help!

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