9-Week-Old Kitten Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized Because He Was “Too Feral”

When there is no reasonable alternative, to enable a cat to die in peace and dignity can be a tremendous relief. Euthanasia can be one of the kindest things a caring owner can do for a suffering cat. Owners and vets together have a responsibility not to allow unnecessary suffering to occur and to maintain a reasonable quality of life for our cherished feline friends. When this is not possible, euthanasia that allows a peaceful end to avoid suffering is extremely important.

This ginger cat was going to be euthanized in a local shelter. He was only 9 years old, labeled as “too feral”, because he was afraid and hid in the back of his cage. This poor kitten was too young to die, and just needed someone to give him a chance to live his life. A kind hearted guy, Sam Peterson, rushed to the shelter to save Rudy, before it was too late. Rudy was scared and hiding in the back of his cage. When he saw his future owner he didn’t hiss. Peterson came closer and he noticed the tiny kitten was covered in fleas.

In this friendly atmosphere and and sensing no danger at all, Rudy started to purr and wouldn’t stop. The first human pat made him a purring machine. “He couldn’t stop purring to the point where he got out of breath,” Jaqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends For Life Rescue Network told.

Rudy went home with Peterson, and with the help of his girlfriend, they removed the countless fleas from his frail body. The kitten was skinny and fragile. They offered Rudy food and he quickly ate it up. He finally felt safe and was showing his love and appreciation in purrs.

The couple fell in love with Rudy and adopted him. After seven months, we see Rudy following his parents all over the house. Each morning, he wakes them up by walking on their heads. “Every morning, he comes rushing over, purring madly with this look on his face, whenever we make even the slightest movement like we might finally be getting up.” The once frail and feral kitten has grown into a friendly, loving ginger cat.