4-year-old boy playing with neighbor’s dog gets arm ripped off

All dogs can bite, and given differing circumstances, all dogs will. Although we humans regard any bite as aggression, for dogs, biting is a natural and normal means of canine communication and defense. It’s actually surprising that our dogs don’t bite us more often than they do. A dog with a high bite threshold may seem like the best choice around kids. This is often true, but if noisy, active children are very stressful to the dog, even a high-threshold dog might bite them. Aggression is generally caused by stress, which can come from a variety of sources. Pain, fear, anxiety, arousal – any kind of threat to the dog’s well-being can be considered a stressor.

Here to share with you a heart wrenching incident. On Sunday, a Utah boy tried to play with his neighbour’s huskies by putting a sock on his arm and sticking it under the fence that separates his backyard from where the dogs live. One of the huskies bit the child’s hand, and ripped off the limb. Emergency workers couldn’t find the boy’s hand, and are almost certain the dog ingested it.

The injured child, had his entire hand and two to three inches of his forearm bit off. The boy’s father, who was inside their home when the incident took place, called 911 and said his son’s hand had been completely ripped off. Emergency responders were able to locate the husky, but weren’t able to recover the boy’s arm or hand.

“We’ve not found it in the backyard,” Layton Fire Battalion Chief Jason Cook told KSL.com. “Our fear is that it may have been ingested by the dog.” The boy was airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital in serious, but stable condition, according to officials. Animal control took both dogs into custody and authorities are investigating the incident.

“I think this is one of those innocent child play moments where the dogs have probably been in the backyard many, many times,” Cook told the site. “He’s seen them and maybe even done something similar with them before, but for whatever reason this one kind of took a tragic turn today,”

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