30 Hilarious Wildlife Photos By Award-Winning Austrian Photographer

by Syed Qasim
2 minutes read

Wildlife photography is a genre of concerned with documenting various forms of in their natural habitat. As well as requiring skills, wildlife photographers may need field craft skills. Wildlife photographers are highly-skilled at and knowledgeable about taking photographs of untamed animals in their natural habitats. These specialized professionals must have a working knowledge of the animals they may encounter, as well as the terrain wherein they will work. Sweeping nature shots, gorgeous panoramas of giraffes grazing on tall trees, jaguars stalking its prey in the rain forest, and wild goats clinging to Himalayan cliff sides are all made possible through the talents and expertise of wildlife photographers.  Capturing these moments with clarity requires a high degree of skill.

Julian Rad is a gifted 26 years old, an award-winning wildlife photographer and film maker based in Austria. He has worked with many international and national publishers and companies. Julian captures amazing nature, wildlife and animal photography, he focuses on squirrels, hamsters, red fox and birds.  We watch nature shows about the big five, while ignoring the daily lives and struggles of the little animals we share our environment with.  Julian has done it so masterfully. A ground squirrel that enjoys sniffing a flower, a hamster climbing up a blackberry branch or a red squirrel trying to reach for a walnut – each of his images tells a story and evokes emotions. Here are some out standing photographs below:

#1 I can catch it!

#2 A Sweet Smiley Face

#3 Wow! European Hamster

#4 A Charming Summer Day!

#5 “Oh!.. Who Are You?”

#6 Smile Please!

#7 Rush Hour

#8 Beautiful Red Squirrel

#9 Ooh!

#10 Aha! Red Fox

#11 A Handful Of Flowers

#12  I Can Touch You

#13 Squirrel Smelling a Tulip

#14 I’m an Acrobat

#15 Quenching my Thirst

#16 We Are The ‘Kung Fu’ Squirrels

#17  Smelling The Pretty Flowers

#18 I’m a Happy Guy!

#19 Wow… What a Beautiful Summer!

#20 I’m Busy Right now

#21 It’s A Flying Squirrel!

#22 Ground Squirrels Enjoying Yummy Fruits

#23 Red Squirrel Holding Nut

#24 Enjoying The Beauty of Autumn

#25 Aha! Cliffhanger

#26 “Hey Mr. Snowman, You Are So Yummy…”

#27 I’m So Thirsty!

#28 Hamster Smelling Poppy

#29 A Great Jump of Red Squirrel

#30 Is This my Reflections?

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