20+Cats Who Look So Cozy That You’ll Want To Curl Up And Take A Nap

Cats can sleep as much as 16 hrs a day and older cats could spend even more time at rest – as much as 20 hours a day. This is a result of cat’s evolution, nutritional habits and physiology. You have see many photos of sleeping cats in cute or crazy positions. The felines you love are domesticated, they still share that wiring and may spend the overnight hours prowling, pouncing, and playing. All of that hunting requires immense amounts of energy. And sleep allows cats to build up their reserves so they can run and stalk as they need to.

While cats sleep about twice as much as humans and prefer to get their rest through short and long naps instead of one big chunk of slumber at night, they experience similar sleep stages. Cats typically fall asleep quickly, presumably after a burst of intense energy. While most cats either curl up or stretch out while they sleep, some prefer to snooze sitting up; in that case, their muscles stiffen to keep them upright. And, like their owners, cats tend to sleep more when the weather is cold, gray, or drizzly.

These fluffy felines will make you want to bury your faces in them and relax. Here are the perfect compilation of cat pictures to make you feel completely relaxed, put you to sound sleep. Scroll down to enjoy!

1. Gripping tightly to her babies, this mama cat is in her element.

2. “Warm spot… I find it.”

3. “If I fits… I sits.”

4. This purrito is sure to make even the Ice Queen’s heart melt.

5. “Prettiest flower in all the garden.”

6. “In other news, here are my kittens snuggling.”

7. This tiny kitten is so content, she can snooze wherever she pleases.

8. Small, smug, ’n’ snug.

9. “This is human bed? No, no, no. This is kitty bed now.”

10. “3 old pillows plus a bookshelf equals instant cat bunk beds.”

11. Nothing beats a mother’s love.

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Mama Mandy and her baby❤️

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12. This cat came straight out of a Renaissance painting.

13. Snug as a… cat in a rug.

14. “I was worth all of those hours of labor and you know it.”

15. “Hey, I can get comfortable wherever I go.”

16. “Shh… just 5 more minutes…”

17. Nothing beats a cuddle with Dad.

18. If this isn’t the ideal picture of contentment then I don’t know what is.

19. “Found this sleepy boy basking in the sun.”

20. “Mom, your hugs make me the most relaxed.”

21. It doesn’t matter if you can’t move, because this is totally worth it.

22. What’s better than a cat nap? A double sibling cat nap.

23. I suspect that this kitty has seen her human snooze and has taken some notes.

24. Ahhh… the comfiest spot

25. “I’m never letting go, Mom.”

27. “Who knew other cats were so comfy? I hope he never notices this about me…”

28. This right here is why furry siblings are the best.

29. He’s found the ultimate source of warmth.

30. “That… yeah, that right there. That’s the spot.”

31. “This. Is. Bliss.”

32. “Paws up if you love cuddles!”

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