20+ People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Acting Weird

There’re times when cats behave in ways so unimaginable that we, their hoomans, think they must be out of this world. It’s mostly at times when we walk on them and catch them doing something awkward but even the way they sleep, sit, or throw random quirks make them funny and bizarre.

We’ve made a compilation of cats acting weird, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Share a picture of your own cat throwing quirks or upvote your favorite here.

1. So My Friends Cat Does This

2. For Some Reason My Sisters Cat Sits Like This Everyday

3. Cats Are Weird

4. This Is My Friends Cat Eating Dinner

5. She Saw The Kids Playing On It And Now She Meows Until You Rock Her

6. Just A Cat Sitting On Some Stairs

7. This Is How My Cat Begs For Food

8. How Many Cats Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

9. I Know Cats Like To Sleep In Weird Positions, But This Is Probably The Most Ridiculous

10. Just My Cat Doing Weird Cat Things

11. My Cat Does This Thing

12. My Cat Does This Thing

13. This Is How My Cat Sleeps

14. Pole Dancer

15. Someone Please Give This Cat An Exorcism


16. This Is Sara The Cat. All The Time



17. My New Cat Is Like The Weird Uncle That Falls Asleep After Eating At Thanksgiving


18. The Reason Why I Can’t Have Nice Things



19. My Aunt Has Weird Cats


20. My New Cat Only Sleeps On My Head. Meet Newt


21. How My Cat Dave Was Laying. He Does This All The Time


22. My Kitten Has A Weird Obsession With Sitting On My Head. Especially When I Wear Beanies


23. Bought Our Kitten A New £40 Bed And Walked In To Find Him Asleep Like This


24. George Is A Cat That Prefers To Stand On 2 Legs


25. My Boy Always Tries To Jump In The Fridge When I Open It. This Is The First Time He Made It In


26. My Cat Steals Potatoes And Walks Around Like A Boss


27. My Japanese Cat Loves To Sit Near My Rice Cooker And Smell The Steam Of Freshly Cooked Rice


28. RIP To My Best Friend For 19 Years. He Was A Weird One


29. Cats Are Weird


30. Why Can’t He Just Drink Out Of The Bowl Like A Normal Cat?


31. He Sat And Stared At Me Like This For A Minute Before I Took The Picture. Weirdo

32. Office Cat

33. Our Cat Won’t Stop Bringing Home Sponges

34. Heard You Guys Like Weird Cats. This Is Paul

35. My Brother’s Cat Sits Like He Is Your Psychologist

36. My Cat Sits Like This When He Gets Excited

37. My Cat Karma Likes High Places, And He Couldn’t Be Higher. He’s Not Stuck, Just Casually Hanging Around

38. My Cat Lets Me Stack Things On Her Belly

39. My Cat Always Sits On His Butt

40. Favorite pose..

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