18+ Cats Who Had No Idea You’d Be Home So Early

Just like children, cats are sometimes naughty and playful. Whether your cat likes to sharpen their claws on your beautiful sofa or wallpaper, climb onto the kitchen table to steal food, sleep on the clean linen pile, or unroll all the toilet paper just for fun, it’s all their naughty habits. Cats are probably doing all sorts of weird stuff when you’re away. And that ranges from bossing around to moving furniture and in some cases snooping around your stuff. Some of the funniest photos also reveal cats who show zero respect for their owners’ stuff. When the owner suddenly comes home someday, he could judge what’s going in his absence.

Look at the pictures below, these pictures prove that your cats are probably more naughty than you think.

1. “Me and the dog were just playing, I promise.”

2. “I just … um… want some ice cream”

3. “I just wanted to feel comfortable in your shoes.”

Amazing Cats

4. “I was about to … clean this up.”

Amazing Cats

5. “We were just dancing! Promise!”

Amazing Cats

6. “Well, this is awkward…”

Amazing Cats

7. “It’s nothing. Just pet stuff. You wouldn’t understand.”

Amazing Cats

8. “Me Watching Crufts on the Telly”

Amazing Cats

9. “You said you’d be out for at least 30 minutes.”

Amazing Cats

10. “We were just…uh…hi.”

Amazing Cats

11. “Oh. You’re home. Wait, I have to move the furniture back”

Amazing Cats

12. “You could’ve at least knocked.”

13. “How dare you to interrupt my DAYDREAMING!”

14. “I definitely wasn’t trying to turn off the parental controls”

15. “Uh, what are you doing here?”

16. “Sometimes I come here to think, It’s not a crime!”

17. It wasn’t me…

18. “I wasn’t snooping through your luggage…”

19. “Nope, we weren’t talking about you while you were gone.”


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