15 Cats Recreate Photos From Their Kitten-hood

Pets are part of the family and adorable, photogenic ones to boot. But it can be tricky to take photos of those furry family members. It’s always fun to recreate childhood photos not only for a little laugh but also because they’re a heartwarming and nostalgic reminder of how much you, your kids, your parents, or your pets have grown. While most recreated photos involve humans, a group of enthusiastic pet owners are sharing photos of their furry friends first as puppies and now as full-grown dogs. We have to say this is one trend we can certainly get behind. Just like us humans, cats have felt the need to recreate the photos from their kitten hood too, the only difference is, the pictures are much cuter when there’s a cat involved. You’ll surely find in this collection some of the cutest pics you’ve seen in a long time.

1. He never forgets to sit on the computer

2. I’m Mittens, we started our friendship 17 years before

3.  It’s still my favourite cuddly toy!

4. It’s been 4 years and I still love to hang out on his shoulder

5. Three years has passed and I’m still a cutie pie

6. After one year look at one ruined chair 

7.  I still fits in my favourite bowl

8. From 45 days to 8 years old and I’m still the best cat 

9. We’ve not changed much in 15 years, but only needs to get another hat

10. From kitten to teenager I can still fit in the same hammock

11. Two years passed away and we still love to cuddle

12. Me and my buddy has spent 12 years together

13. Pancake has come a long way since he was run over two years ago.

14. Bedroom buddies forever!

15. I still sits in the same place after all these years.

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