10+ Cats Who Have Mastered The Art Of Sleep-Fu

Cats love to sleep. In fact, most cats will sleep anything up to 16 hours per day, so make sure that your feline friend has somewhere where she feels safe and comfortable to relax and nap. Once your cat does find the perfect place to sleep, she may be happy there for a while. The experts suggest that it is the fact that cats are extraordinarily clean creatures who severely dislike dirt and dust. Therefore, if the area in which they sleep becomes too dirty or the scent changes, your cat will  start looking for somewhere else to sleep. Your cat may prefer small, enclosed spaces too, particularly when asleep. Cats sleep a lot, but most of the time in very unusual places. Most cats enjoy being in high places.

Nothing is more cute than seeing your cat sleeping in a bucket or stretching on a shelf. Also, cats are natural yoga masters with their body flexibility, they can do poses that normally is a big task for humans. However, they are not always so admirable. Cats especially in their sleep, tend to pick very weird poses unknowingly. Scroll down for pictures of cats’ adorable sleeping poses! You would love the beautiful photos.











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