10+ Animals Whose Emotions Are So Vivid, They Simply Can’t Hide Them

Animals respond to the environment much as humans do, reacting emotionally to others and even becoming stressed and anxious in times of danger.  Though animals cannot express their feelings linguistically, researchers have found that like humans, their emotions can be expressed through actions.
Animal emotion is a complicated arena, but it seems the scales are slowly tipping toward the opinion that animals do have emotions, although some skeptics remain. Some studies have confirmed that animals do have feelings and emotions. Believers gives the opinion that animals are capable of a range of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, empathy, grief, curiosity, anger, anxiety and fear.
It is observed that elephants along with sea lions, geese, bears, monkeys and moose all appear to be sad and heart broken by the death of a loved one. While dolphins, chimpanzees, elk and rats are among the multitude of mammals who seem cheerful and smattering of birds that engage in play, appearing blissfully happy when they do.

We gathered some beautiful photos of emotions and moods expressed by animals. Scroll down to enjoy!

#1. When you’re mad at them but they suddenly give you a kiss:

#2. “Bags! I need more bags!”

#3. When you leave your parents to enter adult life and face your first obstacle:

#4. Tenderness and patience

#5. “Stay there, don’t move. You look suspicious.”

#6. Friday night vs Monday morning

#7. When she wants to take a selfie:

#8. When you wake up at 7 AM and suddenly realize it’s Sunday:

#9. Incredible emotional intensity

#10. Them: “Are you going on vacation?”
You: “Yes, next year.”

#11. “The way I look in all family pictures”

#12. When your friend comes wearing the same dress:

#13. The usual you vs you when someone “needs to talk to you”

#14. “Leave me alone! I’m okay!”

#15. Ask her “Whats wrong” and she says “Nothing.” And then, you get to see this face for the rest of the day:

#16. Are you talking to me?

#17. What? There is a tax on eating leaves too now?

#18. Posing for a photograph

#19. Mom has fallen asleep. I can sneak into the fridge now.

#20. Selfies make me blush!

#21. Another way to hide your face?

#22. OMG, really?

#23. I promise I won’t steal food again…

#24. I bought property on the Moon. Goodbye, human!

#25. Why does it feel like a tickle and no danger?

#26. I don’t mean to laugh at you but… you are too funny!

#27. Hangover!

#28. Could you crop out the background, please?

#29. How many times do I have to tell you to pick up your stuff off the floor?

#30. Just go! I want to be alone!

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