No Shave November Fundraising Ideas 2019

The No Shave November foundation now encourages all men to sport a beard and moustache to show support to their campaign. The motif of this event is to raise funds for cancer prevention and researches besides spreading the awareness regarding men’s health. Since 2009, the foundation has successfully hosted the campaign worldwide, and millions of participants and supporters let their

13 students died in road accident in Thailand

Deadly accident happened in Thailand when truck was changing lane and lost control.Truck was carrying 18 people and most of them were college students they just finished their mechanical training for local company. 12 died on the spot when truck rolled at first place and 1 died after when they reached in hospital. Video: 13 students from Isan killed in

PM Imran Khan returns back to New York after realising technical fault in plane

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his crew went back to New York airport on Friday night after knowing technical problem in plane. Two hours after taking off from New York Premier, Plane staff shocked by technical problem that appears in Plane and they flied back to New York to fix the fault. Prime minister Imran Khan, who guide the Pakistan

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